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Legal Notice


This website is owned by Kurago Software, S.L. (KURAGO).


The use of this website assigns whoever uses it the condition of user and implies the acceptance of all the conditions included in this Legal Notice. The user must read these conditions each time he/she accesses this website, as they may be modified hereafter. Some aspects of this website, due to their specialty, may be subject to specific conditions or rules that may substitute, complete or modify this Legal Notice, so they must also be accepted by the user who uses or accesses them.


All the contents of this website (texts, photographs, graphics, images, technology, software, links, audiovisual or sound, graphic design, source code, etc.), as well as the brands and other distinctive images are property of KURAGO or of third parties, to which the user does not acquire any right over them by the use of this website.

The user must avoid:

  1. reproducing, copying, distributing, making available to third parties, communicating publicly, transforming or modifying the contents of this website, except in the cases contemplated in the law, or expressly authorized by KURAGO, or by the holder of said rights;
  2. reproducing or copying for private use the software, images, videos or databases existing on this website, as well as communicating them publicly or making them available to third parties when this involves their reproduction;
  3. extracting or reusing the contents of this Website.


The User who wants to introduce links to this website from his/her own webpages must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. the link will refer to a page in this website using only http://kurago.software domain and not any other variant;
  2. the referred webpage may not be reproduced it in any way;
  3. No frames of any type may be established that surround the website or allow it to be viewed through different Internet addresses or jointly with contents outside this website, in such a way that it generates, or may generate, error or confusion in users regarding the origin of the service or its content, by implying an act of unfair comparison or imitation, by serving to take advantage of the reputation, brand and prestige of KURAGO or by doing it any other way that is prohibited by Law.
  4. From the page that includes the link, no type of false or inaccurate statement may be made about KURAGO or about the quality of its products and services;
  5. The sender may not use the trademark or any other distinctive sign of KURAGO within his/her website, except in cases authorized by law or expressly permitted by KURAGO;
  6. the page that establishes the link must observe the current legality and will not be able to provide or link to illicit, harmful contents, contrary to morals and good customs, that cause or can cause a false idea of what KURAGO backs or supports, the ideas, manifestations or actions of the sender or those that are inadequate in relation with the activity developed by KURAGO, taking into account the content and the general theme of the webpage where the link is established.

Unexpected effects

KURAGO is not responsible for controlling that this website does not contain malicious programs or any other harmful computer element. It is the responsibility of the user, in any case, to have adequate tools for the detection and disinfection of these elements. Accordingly, KURAGO is not responsible for any damage caused to computer equipment during access to this website. Likewise, KURAGO will not be responsible for damages caused to users when such damages originate in failures or disconnections in the telecommunications networks that interrupt the service of this website.

Referred content

This website may include links that allow the user to access other sites on the Internet. In these cases, KURAGO will only be responsible for the content and services provided through the links as soon as it becomes aware of their illegality and has not diligently deactivated them. If a user considers that there is a link with illicit or inadequate content, he/she may indicate this to KURAGO, without this implying that the user is obliged to remove the corresponding link. KURAGO does not always know the content and services of the links and therefore is not responsible for damages resulting from their lack of quality, lack of updating, unavailability, error, uselessness or illegality and is not responsible for the statements made or the content or services provided through them, unless it is directly responsible for the provision of such services.


The user undertakes to make correct use of this website in accordance with the Law, this Legal Notice and any other conditions, regulations and instructions that may be applicable. The user will be liable to KURAGO and to third parties for any damages that may be caused by non-compliance with these obligations.


This Legal Notice is governed entirely by Spanish law. For the resolution of any conflict relating to the interpretation or application of this Legal Notice, the user expressly yields to the jurisdiction of the courts where KURAGO is registered.

Privacy Policy

KURAGO respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy your rights to privacy and our commitment to safeguarding your personal data.

KURAGO is a Basque company, with legal entities, business processes, management structures and technical systems that cross borders. Kurago delivers software and services to private and public businesses (Customers) around the World. KURAGO head office is located in Bilbao and the company is subject to European privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

All major decisions regarding privacy in Kurago are made at a corporate level supervised by the Head of IT/IS.

This Privacy Statement is available on our Kurago.software home page and at the bottom of every KURAGO webpage.


KURAGO, with address at ALAMEDA URQUIJO 4, 1-1 | 48008 BILBAO (SPAIN) is responsible for the correct processing of your data. You can consult about their data handling at the following email branding@kurago.software


At KURAGO we process information provided by visitors with the aim to:

The personal data provided will be kept as long as the contractual relationship is maintained, and its deletion is not requested by the mentioned visitor.

There is data that by nature, we must retain even if your consent is withdrawn due to the existence of a legal obligation.


The usage of the data that you have provided us through consent is necessary for the proper management of relations with Customers / Partners and to be able to comply with legal obligations.

At any time, you can express your opposition to the usage of your data and, therefore, forfeit any kind of management of them, blocking your data for the time legally stipulated. We inform you that not giving consent may lead to services being impossible to provide.


Initially, no data will be released, except under legal obligation.

However, your data may be shared with professionals and/or suppliers of Kurago for the sole purpose of contractual compliance or for service providers, such as consultants, computer services, cloud storage services, etc.


The rights visitors can exercise are:

Visitors are informed that they have the right to revoke consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of usage based on consent prior to withdrawal.

Data subjects are also informed that they may lodge a complaint with the competent Data Protection Control Authority, especially where they have not been satisfied with the exercise of their rights.

All your rights can be requested by indicating your name and sending us a photocopy of your identification with the request.

At any time you can exercise your rights by sending us an email to branding@kurago.software

Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Kurago uses digital tracking technologies to collect information about the movement on our website and how visitors interact with us. We do this in order to measure the performance of our websites and to provide interesting content.

To identify a visitor throughout the visit and recognizing visitors at later visits, our websites leave a small file called a cookie in the visitor's internet browser.

Cookies uniquely identify a browser or device. By using cookies, Kurago can distinguish one visitor from another and treat them individually.

What does Kurago use cookies for?

Anonymized statistics

Visiting website generates anonymized data that Kurago uses to improve its own website. When using cookies in this manner we do not collect or process personal data. Instead, we use anonymized aggregated statistics to make better decisions.

More specifically, the anonymized data describes the general activity and performance of Kurago website. Kurago measures how many of our visitors read each one of our webpages. If the statistics show that there are few readers, we will use this to decide whether to move the corresponding webpage elsewhere on the website to make it more visible.

Another example is that we use anonymized data to measure which parts of our pages that are popular among visitors by creating heat maps based on visitor activity. The analysis is used to organize content or to ensure more logical functionality on our website. We also use cookies to detect returning visitors on our website and expose them for what they seemed to like during their last visit.

The anonymized data we collect includes:

From this anonymized data we can measure the popularity of our content and decide which direction we should further develop our websites, both in terms of technical evolvement and content.

The anonymous data is not shared with any third party except our subcontractors when placing and managing cookies including Google Analytics. The anonymous data is subject to security and privacy standards according to applicable data protection legislation.

Personal data

Depending on whether visitors grant us their permission - opt in/opt out according to the preferences - the use of cookies could also include processing of visitor’s personal data. More specifically, with the permission of visitors, we could use visitors email addresses to tie their activities to their identity.

On this basis, Kurago could use personal data to register what the individual visitor is pursuing. These preferences are used to ensure that visitors are subject to relevant content on our websites. In short, to let Kurago personalize content.

The personal data we process in this regard includes:

Personal data is not shared with any third party except our subcontractors when placing and managing cookies. All processing of personal data is subject to security and privacy standards according to applicable data protection legislation.

How can I avoid cookies?

I don't want to be subject to cookies that generate anonymized statistics

By using the setting functionality in your browser, visitors can block cookies. However, this will affect the performance of Kurago website.

Visitors can follow the links below if they want to read how cookies can be managed in some of the most popular browsers:

I don't want to be subject to cookies that process my personal data

In privacy matters, the most efficient way of managing these cookies is reach out directly to branding@kurago.software.