Making the digital factory a reality

When we talk about digitization, the sheet metal industry is a later adopter sector. One of the main challenges the industry is facing is how to solve the access of medium and small companies to this digitization.


Many of the concepts developed around the digital factory are only partial. Some are solving the automation, but forget the business level, others center solutions in the business management, but are not taking into account the machine level.


As a consequence, the scenarios are disconnected between the different departments of the company or even between levels of management.


How we concieve it

We have a holistic vision of the digital factory based on three fundamental pillars.


  • · The interoperability between systems enables open collaboration between systems. This collaboration occurs both within the organization as well as with suppliers and customers.
  • · A comprehensive software ecosystem that takes covers all levels of the company: the end-to-end process including business management, organization, operation, and the people involved.
  • · The efficiency allows fostering acceleration and agility as transversal elements to systems and functionalities.

Which requirements should the digital factory software meet?

A complete interconnected software ecosystem is needed to have a real digital factory.

What are the unique factors that distinguish our vision of the digital factory?

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