We develop systems to digitize the sheet metal industry

We take a holistic, integrated view of digital factory systems. We believe that they should cooperate with each other in an open way.


We are convinced that the future lies in creating a software ecosystem that interconnects all levels of the company and even manages to communicate with supplier and customer systems, making for more agile management throughout the entire value chain.


Our in-depth knowledge of the sheet metal industry makes us the perfect partners to create systems that really help accelerate the digitalization process for companies in the sheet metal cutting industry.

Our software is

We develop software systems that cover the entire value chain

Find out how the digital factory can help solve the challenges facing the sheet metal industry

You are about to discover how software can take factories to the next level.

In-depth knowledge of both technology and the sheet metal industry gives us a vision of how to design the digital factory of the future.

Asier Ortiz, Kurago CTO

We work to develop software that unleashes the full potential of machines and automation, enabling companies to control the end-to-end process of their business in a simple, predictable way.