About Us

We are a software centre of excellence for the sheet metal industry

We are software engineers with a purpose

We conceptualize, create, develop, promote and implement systems and software solutions to empower sheet metal manufacturers.

We provide our partners with all our capabilities as a software engineering company. We combine agile design thinking methodologies to offer solutions adapted to every need.

Our interdisciplinary teams work together to create innovative solutions that contribute to improving the business results of the companies we work with.

Our values, a key pillar


We are always open to learning and adapting. We actively listen and explore so that we can find out what the real problem is.


We are ready to face any challenge that may come our way. We control risk and keep our promises.


We take our time to get things right. We are courageous when faced with difficulties.

We manage the entire life cycle of our software

We have the capability to manage the full cycle of the software systems we create. From idea, development and implementation to project management and support. 

Our knowledge of the sheet metal sector allows us to understand the needs of users and convert them into products that can be adapted to every scenario.

We work to create a complete software ecosystem that improves the day-to-day work of users in the sheet metal industry.

Our operations team works closely with development to build, test, deploy, integrate, and monitor software systems with agility, quality, and control.

We have a team of experts who support users in their progress towards digitalization.

We ensure that the process of implementing the system is managed from the first consultation with the customer right through to the commissioning of the system.

We take care of training the software users so that they can get the most out of the digital tools that we provide.

We take care of the software systems implemented and ensure that they perform according to their capabilities during their lifetime.

Our culture

Software partner for the sheet metal industry

We want to be the best software company to work for and with. 

We have an engineering-based approach

We make users’ needs visible and solve them.

Software solutions for real industry needs

We analyze the challenges companies in the sector encounter and find ways our software can respond to them.

We are constantly innovating

We are always on the lookout for new trends in software engineering to adapt them our user’s needs.

We are an agile organization

We adapt to changes as they occur by adopting the most effective approach.

We work in a challenging and generous environment

We constantly face challenges and help each other to achieve our goals.