Closing the Digital Divide

Kurago has always aimed to connect with society, believing our responsibility is to support causes beyond our business objectives. A fundamental aspect of our DNA as an organization is the pursuit of inclusion and diversity. With this in mind, we actively engage in initiatives that help achieve this goal. Now, we have joined forces with the Randstad Foundation to collaborate on a series of projects that promote the employment of people with disabilities.

To this end, we have launched Proyecto Brecha, which seeks to close the digital divide and improve job opportunities for people with disabilities by providing them with training to facilitate their access to office software tools.

It is a reality that technology is advancing rapidly, bringing numerous benefits to virtually all sectors of society. Still, it also exacerbates the inequality between those who can access it and those who cannot.

We aim to equip these individuals with the necessary tools to navigate an increasingly complex world and foster an accessible environment

To narrow this digital divide, Kurago is collaborating with the Randstad Foundation through this project to aid in the technological training of people with disabilities that hinder their access to technology. Somo kuragers volunteer to participate in training and mentoring sessions to share their knowledge and technological skills with the program beneficiaries. We aim to equip these individuals with the necessary tools to navigate an increasingly complex world and foster an accessible learning environment. 

The initiative will also include workshops on safe internet use and developing critical digital skills, designed to prepare participants for the demands of the modern job market and enhance their employability.

We firmly believe that technology can be a great social equalizer, but to achieve this, we must work promptly to provide access to the vast majority of the population. Otherwise, with the speed at which new advancements are developed, the gap will continue to grow, reaching a point where closing can be nearly impossible.

This project reflects Kurago’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in the fight against digital exclusion. With the continued support of volunteers and organizations, “Proyecto Brecha” is a significant force in promoting technological equality and empowerment through education.

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