Bittor Alaña – I feel part of a revolution in the sheet metal industry

As a Software Engineer specialising in Business Intelligence, with a passion for mathematics applied to data analysis, Bittor seeks to change the way companies monitor their operations.

With a double degree in mathematics and software engineering, Bittor has outstanding analytical skills, with a mindset focused on problem-solving. In spite of his youth, he has enough international experience to understand the importance of adopting a global approach.

His everyday work involves submerging himself in an endless array of data in order to single out those that really matter for the management of a company in the sheet metal sector.

My work will provide a tool that will boost decision-making in these companies. I feel part of something that will lead to a revolution in a sector that even now is only minimally digitized.

His job has enabled him to make practical use of his statistical and programming knowledge. The last few months have been a major challenge, as he has joined a new project in which the team is starting from scratch on the development of a new product associated with data intelligence.

I love having to constantly deal with new challenges. I’m very happy to be part of this major project, which is helping to develop the digital factory in these present times.

Would you like to know a little bit more about me?

  • Background: I took part in a placement in the UK, in a company that designs GPUs, working on conducting experiments in a simulator.
  • Academics: I studied mathematics and software engineering at the Complutense University in Madrid (UCM), spending one of the years at Bristol University. Those studies helped to hone my analytical skills and my predisposition toward problem-solving, as well as to appreciate the importance of languages and a global perspective.
  • Personal note: I’m delighted to be part of this amazing project, which will contribute to the digitisation of industry at a time like the present, which while full of uncertainty is still also interesting.

I love…

  • A book: The Count of Montecristo
  • A series: The Wire.
  • Favorite time of the day: Late at night, as I’m a night-owl.
  • Something you love to do: I love going hiking with my friends.

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