Marta Arroniz – I feel I can achieve new goals here

The path that Marta has travelled until arriving at Kurago and the job she is doing now have not been a simple walk in the park, as may well have been the case with other “Kuragers”. She began by studying Industrial Automation at Deusto University in Bilbao, and then went on to a post-grad in Renewable Energies.

Her academic background and a series of professional experiences made her realise that she felt at home in the world of programming, so she began working in software development, in a broad array of different projects and with a highly diverse range of technologies.

Since she joined Kurago, Marta has had to face the challenge of learning new ways of working within a technological environment that was unfamiliar to her, as she had not been involved in any developments in the cloud.

“I feel that I can grow professionally here and achieve new goals.”

She now applies all her experience and expertise to her work with the team that is developing our vertical solutions in Digital Operation Platforms (DOP) for the sheet-metal sector. A platform based on Microsoft Business Central that will help to expedite the development and dynamism of thousands of SMEs throughout the world.

“We want to set ourselves apart from a traditional ERP. A purely financial perspective when creating leads to highly rigid systems, it is more logical to focus on the operating requirements of sheet-metal services.”

The team is applying agile methodologies, just like everyone else at Kurago. Marta found this to be a completely new way of working, although she says that she quickly adapted to the team dynamics, partly thanks to her colleagues’ support. She has been successful despite being one of the people hired when the entire team was quarantined at home.

More about me

  • Experience: besides spending some time in the field of renewable energies, specifically in the supervision of wind farms, I have worked on different software development projects, mostly for the industrial sector: railways, automation, and artificial vision.
  • Education: Industrial Automation at Deusto University and a post-grad in Renewable Energies.
  • Motivation: I enjoy tackling new challenges, I’m very resilient, and I have an open mind for continuing to learn from one day to the next.

My likes…

  • A book: Las venas abiertas de América Latina [Open Veins of Latin America]
  • A series: Sense8
  • Favourite time of day: My favourite moment is when we put the kids to bed and then enjoy a moment of peace and quiet to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the day.
  • A hobby: I love photography and enjoying nature with my family.

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