Why a digital maturity model for the sheet metal industry?

The Kurago Digital Maturity Model (DMM) has been designed to provide a snapshot of the digital capabilities of a specific company in the sheet-metal sector in the diferent areas of the complete operation of the company.

The DMM is a highly efective tool that sets out the guidelines for smoothly advancing toward digitization.

Knowing a company’s initial digitization status is crucial to set realistic goals for advancing along the path toward the digital factory. The diagnosis provides a series of recommendations for stepping up to the next level of digitization.

What makes the Kurago’s Digital Maturity Model unique?

Diversity of demand in such an extensive sector as the sheet-metal industry requires a supply that is tailored to suit these needs. The aim is not for all the companies in the sheet-metal sector to reach the same level of digitization.

The proposal’s interest lies in the fact that the digitization of certain processes or areas will enable companies to become more dynamic with a view to adapting to the complex scenarios involved in the modern business world; all this while safeguarding those features that identify a given company’s success.

Which are the Digital Maturity levels?

A five-level scale has been developed ranging from those companies that are barely or not at all digitized through to those with fully digitized businesses.

  • 01
  • Decisions are based on a specific person´s knowledge and experience. Mostly paper-based or supported by traditional processes.
  • 02
  • Internal processes and services are defined and assured consistent results over time. Some digital tools in place but not integrated.
  • 03
  • Digital coordination tools and process indicators in place. A coherent and coordinated process exist and assures results.
  • 04
  • Operation is managed by integrated solutions, processes measured and adjust according to operational needs, integration with external systems.
  • 05
  • Processes are fully optimized, digital technology is used to leverage operation and remove inefficiencies. Best practices embedded across the network.

How does it work?

The diagnosis is made through a consultancy. The key lies in a sound understanding of the company’s goals, its differentiating features, and its present level of digitization in each one of the reference areas: operations, logistics, analytics, and quality.

Therefore, our software experts just need to interview the go-to people in each one of these areas. No need of complex system audits.

Start self-diagnosis

We have created a self-diagnosis so that you can know in just a few minutes the maturity level of your company.

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