Korea Open Day – Taking giant steps

The Open Day was held only a few days ago, which this year was attended by Bystronic Asia to introduce its customers Kurago Asia and BySoft.

Besides this presentation, Kurago made the most of the opportunity to demonstrate BySoft Suite, showcasing its families, connection, functions…in short, all the advantages it provides when applied to a business in the sheet-metal forming sector.

Furthermore, this was the perfect occasion to show off the extension of BySoft and the digital maturity model (DMM), which generated considerable interest among customers. Specifically,  the focus was on analyzing the options it provides in terms of decision-making based on real data and the accuracy of the DMM for launching a digitization process, knowing where the path starts and how it should be followed.

It was a highly productive day on which we reaffirmed our joint commitment to the digitization of the sheet-metal forming sector.

Corporate Communication