Kurago shares with Arantxa Tapia projects and vision about the industry digitization

Arantxa Tapia, minister of the Basque government for Economic Development, Sustainability, and Environment (Eusko Jaurlaritza – Gobierno Vasco), and Aitor Cobanera, Technology and Innovation Director of the Grupo SPRI- Departamento de Desarrollo Económico, Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno Vasco, visited our Bilbao offices yesterday.

We presented to her Kurago’s project, and the digitalization progresses we are carrying out with our partner Bystronic to make the digital factory a reality for the sheet metal sector. This project could help more than half a million small and medium-sized companies worldwide in their digitalization.

“The Basque Country has the talent and human capital necessary to contribute not only to the implementation of digitalization locally but also to export this knowledge and lead the sector on a global scale,” said Jesús Martínez.

Tapia highlighted, “digitization will be a key factor in the economic recovery.”

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