Kurago Asia – The house of the rising sun

On September 14th, barely two years after the incorporation of Kurago, we are opening our office in the Republic of Korea to provide a service for the Asia-Pacific region.

The Kurago Asia team is led by its managing director, Seung Geun Song, who has over 20 years’ experience in the field of software for the sheet-metal industry. The team has launched this project with a great deal of enthusiasm, with all its members working to provide software solutions that will help to turn the digital factory into a reality in this region, too.

Kurago has been operating with a global perspective, which has enabled us to identify the specific needs of a geographical area whose idiosyncrasies require the deployment of a team that is close to end users and can support them on their journey to digitization.

As of from today, our office in South Korea will also render a service for all the neighboring countries. Our principal and predominant aim is to provide the finest and best tuned solution for each end-user, and this is possible only by being close to each and every one of them. Kurago Asia will enable us to conduct all the processes of software analysis and implementation with our Asian customers in a much more personalized, engaged, and efficient manner.

For all these reasons, and as part of our ongoing pledge to digitize the sheet-metal forming sector in the most effective manner, we are extremely satisfied with this new step that we have taken. We intend to continue along this path, moving closer to end-users in order to provide the best solutions for each and every of their needs.

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