The Kurager Spirit is to promote inclusion and equal opportunities

We have therefore joined the European Diversity Charter

The future is both diverse and inclusive. We are fully aware of this at Kurago, which is why we have subscribed the European Diversity Charter to show our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

This commitment is encapsulated in a principles decalogue to promote social progress and economic competence through awareness, research, and dissemination. These principles include an explicit commitment to raise awareness of equal opportunities and diversity among all the company’s stakeholders. A pledge to deploy a workforce that is diverse in all senses and to promote work-life balance.

Fostering diversity requires firm determination. At Kurago we believe diversity is fundamental to continue progressing not only as a company but also as a society. Equal opportunities, diversity, inclusion,… they all define a society that is richer, capable of raising knowledge to another level, and therefore in a position to create a better world.

Although as “Kuragers” we are fully aware of this, we do not want to be left out on a limb in our community, we want to share and nurture a fairer society. Joining this project, therefore, is part of that commitment and part of that will to promote, edify and improve the world around us.

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