Kurago receives Microsofts Gold Partner Certification

Thanks to the excellence of its staff, Kurago has been awarded this certification after being in business for only six months.

Kurago has recently been awarded Microsoft’s Gold Partner certificate, the highest recognition the corporation issues, and which is granted to only a small group of partners. The fact that Kurago has achieved this after only six months of operations testifies to its staff’s expertise and experience in providing value added, designing innovative software on powerful Microsoft platforms.

As noted by Kurago’s CEO, Mr Jesús Martínez, “this certification means we are one of the go-to firms in the development of software applications for the industrial sector, and it constitutes a major backing for the work we are doing at our centers of excellence in Bilbao and Vitoria-Gazteiz”.

According to Martínez, “Microsoft’s Gold Partner certificate is a tribute to the staff at Kurago, acknowledging their protracted experience in the field of software for the metal-sheet sector. This level of certification provides us with access to exclusive tools and an extremely high level of support that will benefit the users of our systems.”

Martínez considers that “having Microsoft as a partner is a major advantage that will enable us to speed up our developments in the cloud. The resources available in this environment will guarantee the scalability and power of the systems for digitizing metal-sheet companies. Microsoft’s commitment to the development of cloud-based corporate solutions that are universal and accessible for the highest number of enterprises has been crucial in establishing this relationship.”

A global leader in the sheet-cutting sector

Towards the end of last year, Kurago announced the creation of an excellence center for software engineering in cooperation with Bystronic, a global leader in innovative solutions for sheet machining. The center is devoted to the development and implementation of solutions for boosting the digitization of SMEs.

The two firms are currently working on the development of software that will provide the crucial step for implementing the digital factory in the sheet-cutting industry, which will improve the dynamics and capacity for the acceleration of enterprises in this sector. It is a core solution that controls the entire process involved in the supply chain: quotation, order, purchase, stock, manufacture, and delivery.

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