Kurago teams up with Radio Popular to spread the word about innovation

Kurago has reached an agreement with the broadcaster Radio Popular de Bilbao-Herri Irratia to disseminate technological know-how. We will be appearing on the daily program Egunon Bizkaia (Good morning, Bizkaia) with a slot devoted to technological innovation.

Spreading the news about innovation and technology has been part of Kurago’s mission ever since the start. We are convinced of the need to find ways of bringing it to the masses.

Furthermore, we are sponsoring the matches played by Athletic Bilbao, the local premier division football club, in the city of one of our main offices, through the program “La emoción del Bacalao” (The excitement of the goal).  At Kurago, we believe that a project’s international aspirations do not rule out support for initiatives in what we look upon as our home.

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