Kurago’s People Management Model displayed at the University of Deusto

Our CEO, Jesús Martínez, has been invited to lecture at the Master in Human Resources of the University of Deusto.

The talk, which was held on Monday 7 June, focused on the management of commitment within the organization. Jesús shared our people management model.

Those attending the talk heard about the basic pillars underpinning Kurago’s management model. These range from the company’s mission, vision, and values, which inform the business model, through the organizational model, to the way these have an impact on the management model, which includes people management.

The aim is to create a robust company structure that reflects its relationships and influences with stakeholders, helps to identify and manage risks, and ensures internal alignment with the business model and customer management.

At Kurago, talent is our foremost competitive advantage, which is why it is vital to achieve an excellent performance both individually and collectively. The key ingredients involved are the development of competencies, commitment, motivation, and the proper management of challenges.

A core aspect of this process is people’s engagement, involving them at all times in the steps being taken, explaining the company’s goals, and fostering their ability to have an influence on them. This approach will have an extremely positive impact not just on the company’s bottom-line, but also on the satisfaction of the people that make up the organization.

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