The Kurago Asia team visited the Smart Manufacturing Process Innovation Center in Korea

On the 10th of November, the Kurago Asia team visited the Changwon Smart Manufacturing Process Innovation Center in Korea, an organization researching, examining, and testing digitalization solutions.

The center is continuously working on innovation, collaboration, and transformation towards the digital factory. In short, they try different technologies to facilitate the path to the digital factory, developing a practical model that applies to real factories.

The Kurago Asia team has been able to see first-hand how SMIC is developing the factory model of the future, integrating the best technologies. At Kurago, we share the vision that the digital factory is key to improving the competitiveness and efficiency of the sector. In the words of the SMIC itself, “all countries in the world, including the most advanced, are preparing for the fourth real industrial revolution to be competitive in manufacturing.”

The development of the digital factory is our objective and primary purpose. In our case we focus our efforts on digitizing the sheet metal cutting sector. We believe in an ecosystem that interconnects all company levels and even manages to communicate with supplier and customer systems, enabling more agile management along the entire value chain.

We believe in cooperation to foster innovation, hence the relevance of sharing knowledge as the Kurago Asia team and the SMIC team have done. An integrative perspective for a common goal.

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