The Kurager spirit means questioning the way we do things and engage young talent

On Tuesday 29 June, we took part in an online session with students on the Talentia Programme from Bizkaia Talent, an activity that is held within Talentia Week.

This virtual gathering was attended by a group of students with a broad range of different profiles, all interested in learning more about software engineering.

The session was arranged as a hands-on experience for those attending, whereby they could interact with us and find out more about our company. We did this by asking a number of questions designed to prompt a discussion on topics related to the work environment, software development, our corporate approach, dynamic team management, and our development processes from the software’s initial concept through to its implementation.

A number of the students attending expressed their interest in our way of working and, above all, their questions focused on some of the profiles most in-demand within the organization.

On behalf of Kurago, Sonia Grijalvo (Head of Resources), Olatz Arechaga (Head of Branding), and Kepa Metola (Senior Software Architect) answered all their questions, which also gave us food for thought, as is always the case with any matter that arises, as the Kurager spirit means constantly probing the status quo, and part of that process involves the actual way we do things.

By taking part in events such as this from Bizkaia Talent, our aim is to bring our team to explore future professionals’ interests and concerns. This provides us with an opportunity to reflect upon the way we operate and how we address people management in order to continue creating an inclusive environment in which different age groups can feel comfortable working together, understanding each other’s different perspectives, and learning from their varying approaches. We strongly believe diversity and curiosity are essential to improve the way we do things.

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