Be water. Liquid organizations and their benefits in changing environments

Businesses are having to adapt to hugely changing environments that are putting their capacity for adjustment to the test. This scenario has given rise to liquid organisations that are capable of swiftly embracing the changes required in each case.

26 September 2021 -

Kurago Asia – The house of the rising sun

On September 14th, barely two years after the incorporation of Kurago, we are opening our office in the Republic of Korea to provide a service for the Asia-Pacific region.

26 September 2021 -

10 myths surrounding the digitization of the steel-sheet sector

Numerous myths have sprung up around digitization, and today we will be dismantling some of the more common ones.

26 September 2021 -

Trust and camaraderie: the mainstays that make Kurago a Great Place to Work

For the second year in succession, we have been certified as a Great Place to Work. This accolade is awarded on the basis of the answers given to an anonymous survey that measures team member's level of satisfaction. 94% of Kuragers said that Kurago is an excellent place to work.

26 September 2021 -

Marta Arroniz – I feel I can achieve new goals here

The path that Marta has travelled until arriving at Kurago and the job she is doing now have not been a simple walk in the park, as may well have been the case with other “Kuragers”. She began by studying Industrial Automation at Deusto University in Bilbao, and then went on to a post-grad in Renewable Energies.

26 September 2021 -

Working together for excellence. Software and team work management

Building high performance teams has never been as important as it is today, particularly given the VUCA environments that organizations are facing.  The way to address those needs is by working with agile methodologies and self-directed work teams with different skill-sets and experience that can result in the deliverable improvements. There is no one-fits-all solution. In each case, the type of organization will have to adapt to the circumstances and the targets.

26 September 2021 -

The Kurager spirit means questioning the way we do things and engage young talent

On Tuesday 29 June, we took part in an online session with students on the Talentia Programme from Bizkaia Talent, an activity that is held within Talentia Week.

26 September 2021 -

From ERP to DOP. Evolving to solve new challenges

Digital operation management platforms (DOP) are the systems world's answer to a new paradigm in business management that aims to place the customer at the center of business.

26 September 2021 -

Kurago's People Management Model displayed at the University of Deusto

Our CEO, Jesús Martínez, has been invited to lecture at the Master in Human Resources of the University of Deusto.